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The Artillery, a branch that integrates the Fire Combat Function, is the main mean of fire support of the Brazilian Army. It has the mission to support the Force by fire, destroying or neutralizing the targets that threaten the success of the operation. The Brazilian Artillery is divided in two aspects,Campanha and Antiaerea, and underwent deep transformations provoked by constant technological or tactical evolution, which contributed for the amplification of the combat power of the elements of maneuver. The principles of precision, suitability, timing and  performance provide volume and firepower to the Command at the times and places required for the maneuver. Hence its unquestionable and fundamental role to combat.




                                                              ACTIVITIES DURING THE COURSE


ESA´s Artillery Course has the mission to train the student to serve as a sergeant, enabling him to: perform the main functions and operational activities of war and non-war, administrative and military justice necessary during his training , in the ranks of sergeant: act as Instructor and Monitor; command or lead the fractions compatible with his rank and corresponding to his unique Military Qualification - in this case Artillery - and participate, in the context of the Força terrestre, as an essential element of its structure, acting as a fundamental link between the Command and the troops.
During the Qualification period, completed in 43 weeks and with 1902 hours of instruction, the following disciplines are taught:Treinamento Físico Militar II, Armamento Munição e Tiro II, Língua Inglesa, Instrução Especial, História Militar do Brasil, Instrução Geral II, Técnicas de Artilharia, Linha de Fogo, Topografia, Emprego de Artilharia (the 4 last ones are intimately related to this specific Course) . During the Qualification period there are also the Olympiadas Escolares, five long field activities, two  by the Special Instruction Section (SIEsp), the Projeto Interdisciplinart and, at the end of the year, the Manobra Escolar.

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                                                                           PATRON OF ARTILLERY            

patrono mallet


Marechal Emílio Luiz Mallet - Barão de Itapevi, was consecrated, by Decree 51424 of March 13, 1962, patron of Artillery, in whose bosom he was forged and established himself with the honorable title of Artilheiro Símbolo do Brasil.
Mallet was born in Dunkirk, France on June 10, 1801, and died in Rio de Janeiro on January 2, 1866, after 68 years of devotion to the construction of his new homeland in peace or war. His remains rest in a mausoleum erected in Santa Maria - RS, next to the 3º Grupo de Artilharia de Campanha , known as REGIMENTO MALLET.
As tenente, in command of two grups of Artillery, Mallet had a remarkable performance at the battle of Passo do Rosário, on February 20, 1827. In the war against Oribe and Rosas (1851-52), as Capitão he made the whole campaign against Oribe in command of the 1° Regimento, then drawn by oxen. It dates back then the tradition  to name this unity "Boi-de-Botas", because of the oxen that, from so much crossing mudflats during the winter, seemed to be wearing boots.
Mallet had as the culminating and most glorious point of his career leading the 1º Regimento de Artilharia a Cavalot, the current Regimento Mallet , at the Batalha de Tuiuti on May 24, 1866. There, with his regiment at the forefront and position, behind a trench excavated with aid of the Engineer Battalion and maneuvering with rare skill and competence his "Artilharia-Revólver", fulfilled his determination thus expressed in the heat of the fight: "Por aqui eles não passam". He was the first to bear and repel the enemy masses who, at all costs, intended to break the Allied position. Fo his bravery he was promoted to the rank of Corobel.
Mallet sublimated the Military Virtues of bravery, courage, devotion and abnegation, as an officer of the Army, in all the external wars of the Brazilian Empire: Guerra da Cisplatina (1825-28); Guerra against Oribe e Rosas (1851-52); Guerra against Aguirre (1864); and Guerra da Tríplice Aliança against o Paraguai (1865-70).

retirado do livro MALLET, O Patrono da Artilharia ,Biblioteca do Exército Editora 2ª Edição 1995)


                                                                                SONG OF ARTILLERY


Music: Christian Zaihn

Eu sou a poderosa Artilharia
Que na luta se impõe pela metralha,
A missão das outras armas auxilia,
E prepara o campo de batalha,
Com seus tiros de tempo e percussão,
As fileiras inimigas leva a morte e a confusão.

Se montada, sou par da Infantaria
Nos combates, nas marchas, na vitória!
A cavalo acompanho a cavalaria
Nos contatos, nas cargas e na glória
Com rajadas de fogo surpreender
As vanguardas inimigas e depois retroceder

Quer de costa, antiaérea ou de campanha ,
Eu domino no mar, no ar, na terra,
Quer no forte, no campo ou na montanha,
Vibra mais no canhão, a voz da guerra;
Da batalha sinistra a melodia
É mais alta na garganta da pesada Artilharia.

Se é mister um esforço derradeiro
E fazer do seu corpo uma trincheira,
Abraçado ao canhão morre o Artilheiro
Em defesa da Pátria e da Bandeira.
O mais alto valor de uma nação
Vibra n’alma do soldado,
Ruge n’alma do canhão.

Hurra!... Hurra!... Hurra!...

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